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Sarah Clawson

Sarah Clawson was born in Dallas, Texas and lived in a small city south of there for 20 years. Currently, she is residing in Granbury, Texas.

Photography has been her main focus since 2004, and her work over the years was featured in California Wildlife, Sun magazine, and Cardthartic. Now Magazine has also featured her works as covers for approximately 10 years. Sarah has been awarded for her photography with both Silver and Bronze awards by the international competition The Portrait Masters.

A self-professed "Jack of all Trades," Sarah has dabbled in numerous mediums all her life until finally finding a home with resin. She draws inspiration from the natural works and has been working to perfect her resin pours to reflect geodes and agates. Painting equines in oils and abstracts with acrylics keeps her busy along the way.

"Resin pours make me happy inside". The way the light dances across the surface and makes it sparkle is truly beautiful. Resin can be so unpredictable and each pour is a scientific experiment."- Sarah.

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