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2024 Scheduled Events

Garage Sale: April 19 & 20

This event benefits PPAG funds

Pop-up Art Show: May 18

EAA hanger off Wedgefield Road near the pavillion

Gallery Night: September 27
White Structure

Past Workshops

Color Harmony

With Beth Eschbach

Stained Glass Feather

With Kerian Massey
With Kerian Massey

Scratch Board Art

Glass Fusion
With Susan Thillen

Fantastic workshop learning to Fuse Glass. We made 4 projects and learned to cut and paint on glass, and all about tack, contour and full fusion techniques.

A chance to work on someone else's piece

We swapped Art.Artists brought a painting that was slated for the trash bin (we all have one—or two—or three). And brought your favorite art supplies to the meeting.  We will swapped paintings- that’s right we worked on someone else’s piece. We let’s get our creative juices flow.

2023 Fine Art Show

4 (2).jpg
White Structure

Past Events

19th Hole April 1st 2023

It was Cold,but that didn't stop us- Heaters and Christmas cheer kept us warm - The Pop up show was a success!! But next time- we will order warmer weather.

Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 59 39 PM
Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 47 51 PM
Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 53 04 PM
Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 42 08 PM
Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 45 23 PM
Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 23 45 PM
Photo Apr 01 2023, 12 12 25 PM
Gallery Night 2022

Two Magic Words "Gallery Night" A great turn out for the first gallery night in several years. 155 tickets were sold! We thank all of our artists, neighbors and friends and art lovers for a night filled with fun and Art.

Art on the Table 2023

2022 Xmas Party

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