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Kathy Yoders Gallery

Kathy Yoders has always wanted to be an artist. Even as a little girl, her play was filed with creativity
and imagination.
In the 1970’s while living in Germany, Kathy studied oil painting. She became very skilled and thought
she had found her medium. It was not until 2005 when she settled in Granbury, Texas that she had the
opportunity to explore new media and genres.
Kathy has found her passion in pastel portraiture. People, and especially animal companion pets, are
her specialty. She strives to reveal the subject’s true personality and “inner sparkle” in her work.
Because she views her art as a lifetime quest, she is always seeking knowledge and inspiration. She
continues to study with James R Spurlock. Kathy upgrades her craft by participating in intensive courses
as well as by teaching her many talented students. Even dabbling in abstract work, exploring new
techniques and mediums has created exciting opportunities for her.
Kathy hopes to instill in others her own enthusiasm and appreciation for the therapeutic value of
fulfilling one’s creative desires

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