PPAG Meeting and Artist Demo June 8th 2021

We eagerly look forward to welcoming Marie Szczesny, our PPAG June Guest Artist. She will share her acrylic pour technique. Be sure to join us at 10:30 AM June 8th at the Pecan Activity Center.

Marie Szczensy PPAG May Guest Artist demo: acrylic pour

“A little about me…
I started acrylic pouring last year when my daughter left for UT Austin as a freshman. I found myself single, bored, & living out in Lucas, Texas with nothing but time on my hands. My main creative outlet is handcrafting costume jewelry and when Covid hit I could no longer find the beads, supplies and components I needed to make jewelry, so I turn to painting.  I self-taught on YouTube with some amazing artist’s Kanella Ciraco, Tammy Anderson and a few others that have some amazing talent.
I turned my garage into an art studio I bought canvases, floetrol & different types of paint and spent over a year practicing failing and succeeding on different types of acrylic-pouring techniques.
I can’t wait to meet everyone and show you my technique, we all have different tastes and styles & I believe there’s an artist in all of us we just have to have the confidence to try fail and succeed. In my house I have a wall of shame and a wall of fame but when I look at the wall of shame, I think back to the joy each painting gave me as I watched the paint travel down the canvas. I didn’t know, back then, what I know now, and I’m glad I’m finally at this place where I’m happy with most of what I’m creating now.

My Facebook page is MaraMia Designs and I don’t have a website as I’m busy leasing cars, making jewelry and art. My showroom is in the Granbury Square Plaza building # c104
Can’t miss the bling! Opening June 10th. My email is [email protected]
4698792058 is the best way to reach me.”

Author: Pam Mc Lean

Pam McLean