Lake Granbury Camera Club

Got this for photographers in the group.  Don’t have to be LGAA member to attend.
From Phyllis’ Desk:

Join us for the next meeting of the Granbury Camera Club on Tuesday, April 9. We’ll meet in front of the Courthouse on Granbury Square, Pearl Street side to enjoy an action-filled mini-workshop. The theme for our “walk-about” will be Capturing A Moment in Time. We will explore showing action and catching special moments using light, gesture and movement. Techniques we will explore include panning, stop action and “street” shooting. Please note the change in time, date and place. Early attendees – meet at 5:30 p.m. If you can’t make it at 5:30 come as soon as you are able, planning to arrive by 6:30 for optimal time and light to photograph. We’ll share some of our results at our May meeting. Tips – If you own them, bring a tripod and wide-to-medium telephoto lenses. 


We will not leave the immediate area of Granbury Square, so do not hesitate to come late! Note: I am traveling soon and arrive home just before our get-together, but I will try to send everyone a few tips in advance! Phyllis

Author: Kenny

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